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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is consultant insurance?


Independent consultant liability insurance is a very important part of every consultant business. Whether you are a one person operation working from your home or multi location consulting firm with hundreds of employees, consultant business insurance is what allows you to provide your professional expertise while protecting your business and personal assets.

The most common complaint consulting firms face are accusations of wrongful acts by clients. This can include things like failure to deliver results as promised, overlooking key information before making final recommendations or sharing proprietary information between clients. Sometimes these accusations arise during the project or years later. Professional liability insurance for consultants, also called errors and omissions insurance for consultants, can provide special “long tail” coverage which means you will be covered years down the road for work you do today.

What are consultant insurance requirements?

Often times a new consultant just starting out lands their first project and is required to provide proof of liability insurance. Usually this is a government entity such as a city, school district or university. These institutions have very strict independent contractor insurance requirements.

One of the standard requirements is to provide proof of consultant liability insurance in the amount of $1 million dollars and also name the client as additional insured. Translation: purchase errors and omissions insurance for consultants and then request a certificate of insurance showing a $1 million coverage limit along with the additional insured language as required. This certificate of insurance does not cost extra if you have a consultant professional liability policy in place.

How much does consultant insurance cost?

The cost for consultant professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance is developed primarily from the type of industry the consultant specializes in, the scope of the project and how much of it is “hands on” versus instruction and training. The consultant’s education and experience in the field also come into play.

Often times it helps to provide the insurance company a copy of the project description. Also a copy of the consultant’s standard contract which outlines the commitments being made also helps the insurance company price the risk accurately. Consultants can save money on their professional liability policy by going with a high deductible say $5,000 or $10,000. This means that small claims made by clients are paid by the consultant either in time or payment.

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General Liability

Protection if injuries occur on your premises. Required if leasing office space.


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Professional Liability

Protect your business from accusations of professional negligence.


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Business Owners Policy

General Liability and Property insurance in a cost-effective bundle.


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